Private Bike Tour FAQs

Where is the meeting point?
All bike tours begin at our office, located at 502 23rd Street NW, Washington, DC 20037, near the intersection of 23rd and E Street in Columbia Plaza.

What's the closest Subway (metro) station?

Washington, DC has one of the world's safest and most efficient subways, known affectionately as the METRO. The Foggy Bottom Metro Station is just a short walk from our office. Simply exit the Foggy Bottom Station, take a right and walk down three blocks. Just after you pass Virginia Avenue, we will be in Columbia Plaza on the right side of the street (across from a huge round circular building that looks like an air filter!)

Is parking available near the office?

There is a parking garage in Columbia Plaza (the building we are located in). It is operated by PMI Parking and you can find more info about parking in that garage by clicking here. Note the address of the parking garage (2400 Virginia Ave NW) is slightly different than our address (502 23rd St NW), but they are in the same building. There is also street parking available near our office, but be sure to check the meters as they may restrict the parking time to 2 hours. Or, they may not allow parking during certain hours. Though parking is available, we always encourage our guests to use the METRO to avoid street closures, heavy traffic and difficulty finding parking.

Is DC a friendly city for younger cyclists and what are your childrens bike options?

Absolutely DC is safe for children! The district has well over 50 miles of bike specific lanes. Bikes are also allowed on the entire two mile stretch of the National Mall connecting the U.S. Capitol building and the Lincoln Memorial. All in all, with our great bike lanes, wide sidewalks and fairly flat topography DC is a great place to bike around for the entire family!

You can view our bikes here, but we offer 4 options for children depending on their age, size, and riding ability.

  • For children under 18 months of age or 45lbs (20kg), we have baby seats that can be attached to the back of a bike.
  • For children children weighing up to 65lbs (30kg), we have trailers that can be left open or zipped up to fully enclose the passenger.
  • For children up to 12 years old or 100lbs (45kg), we have 2 wheeled tandem trailers. The passenger sits on a seat and can pedal or coast. All riders over 100lbs (45kg) must ride their own bicycle. We have various smaller sized mountain bikes for those able to ride on their own, and of course, our regular beach cruisers for children big enough to ride them. 
  • Unfortunately, we do not have any adult tricycles or bikes with training wheels for adults that may be less confident in their riding ability. If possible, please let us know if you would like one of our tandems, trailers, baby seats, or child bikes in advance that you'd like to reserve either a child seat or trailer. Please Note: All child bikes use hand brakes. There are no pedal breaks available.

 Do I HAVE to wear a helmet?

Yes. Your safety is top priority for us and studies have shown that helmets can reduce head injuries by at least 85%. Therefore, we do require all riders to wear helmets on our tours. 

What is provided with a private tour?

Along with one of our phenomenal tour guides, every guest will receive a bike, helmet, and a bottle of water. Additional waters are available for purchase in our office for $1 and we also have a water bottle filling station that is available to use for free.

Why book a private tour instead of a public tour?

Although private tours are admittedly more expensive than our public tours there are some advantages. First off, because it's a "private" tour, it will only be your group and the guide and that's it! This allows you to travel at the pace and speed you want. Secondly, our private tours give you the option of going a little longer or a little shorter on time. What if you have already seen some of the sites on our popular day bike tour and instead want to see other sites? With our private tour you can consult with your guide before you depart and determine exactly what you want to see or not. Since our guides are well versed in giving bike tours around DC they know exactly what sites will fit into your time frame and can cater the tour exactly to your group.