Due to the large amount of applicants, we are not able to grant an interview to every applicant. It's important to stand out from the pack from the beginning! The first round of interviews are conducted over the phone with one of our managers. If offered a second interview, that will take place in person. In person interview locations have not been decided for the 2014 process, though Paris and London are highly likely. Further locations could be added depending on the demand and need.

Selected Candidates will be invited to an Evaluation Week in Paris, France with the Owner, Operations Manager and Business Development Managers. This week serves as the beginning of the training process, and as gauge for progress of issued training materials. Any Candidate that does not successfully complete this evaluation period or does not meet company standards will not be invited to Europe.

Obviously this rarely occurs, but we will take only those serious about this job. Our company is not the "average summer job" and much is expected of staff. Evaluation Week will give a clear indication of the enthusiasm and preparedness of each Candidate for the job.

Evaluation Week will consist of roughly five dedicated days of preparation for the job. Activities will include:

  • Practice giving tours and review tour information
  • Practice office and tour procedures
  • Learn bicycle and Segway maintenance
  • Work as a team
  • Watch videos of past tours
  • Discuss marketing
  • Complete daily tests regarding tour and company information and procedures
  • Completing a final exam that includes all previous daily tests and still further information