• We will ONLY consider applicants who have legal work authorization in France. Please don't bother submitting an application unless you are a French citizen, have an EU passport, or already hold working papers.
  • We will only consider individuals that have completed at least two years of University or an equivalent duration of independent full time work, as a potential candidate for employment.
  • Candidates must have a general working knowledge of Paris' neighborhoods, metros, museums, restaurants, and other points of interest before applying. Knowledge of French history and tourism is a bonus.
  • Candidates must also have exceptional public speaking skills, a fun personality, the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations, an interest in international travel, integrity, and a large smile. We're only looking for applicants with a strong sense of team spirit and those who are willing to pitch in to get the job done.
  • General knowledge of the French language is required.



Are you a person who can do it all? Our "Front Office" customer service staff and Easy Pass Hosts are the foundation of what we do. Our mission is to provide safe, fun, and unforgettable experiences though superior customer service that creates memories and smiles that last a lifetime. As the face of our company, you must have exceptional customer service skills, be extremely organized, and able to work well both as part of a team and individually.

It's a long list, but we are looking for sunny and warm personalities who are able to graciously direct people where they need to go, offer support to guides and customers, unafraid to get their hands dirty, comfortable working around bikes, happy to work outside and on their feet in every kind of weather, detail oriented with the ability to see the big picture, answer phones, glad to field the same questions over and over, and quick problem solvers; all this while remaining calm and carrying on. Basically, we need a few all-stars to be a solid foundation for our company.

You should flexible and willing to work hard through the busy season including weekends and late-night closing shifts. You could be dividing your time as a host in our main office and at our various Easy Pass locations around Paris (Eiffel Tower, Musée D'Orsay, and the Louvre).

A sound knowledge of Paris and the Tourism industry is encouraged. You must also be computer literate and have previous point-of-sale experience. Fluent or conversational French is required.


As a member of our "Back Office" customer service staff and reservationist team, you are also a key part of our ability to provide a stellar experience for our guests. Unlike the guides and staff who interact face-to-face with our customers, you do your job behind the scenes. They say "lots of little things make big things happen" and this is certainly true of the little details your job entails.

Our reservationists are involved in ticket purchasing and accounting, data entry, taking reservations over the phone and by email, as well as updating and tracking inventory information in our reservations system. Very often you will be the first contact a client has with our company and it is crucial they have a great first impression. A strong work ethic and keen attention to detail is extremely important. Quite literally, a mistake on your part has the potential to ruin someone's vacation. If you don't want that responsibility, then this job is not for you.


If you are someone who loves to share information and spend lots of time getting to know your guests, then this is a job for you! As an Easy Pass or Walking Tour guide, your job is to make monuments and museums come alive while explaining the history of Paris.

You should enjoy creating a personal experience that connects our guests to the location (the Marais, Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Latin Quarter, the French Revolution, etc.) and builds a lasting memory of you! Not only do you paint vivacious pictures with your storytelling abilities but you are also a travel question ninja who can direct people to get the information they need in order to have a great time in Paris.

A strong background in Tourism and/or French history is essential as well as a continued thirst to expand your already broad knowledge of the tour content.


You are a person who can wear many hats: guide, confidant, problem solver, social lubricant, leader, care giver, and general rock star! Guiding tours with us is a highly sought-after position demanding lots of cultural and historical knowledge and above-all, extraordinary people skills. Those are the obvious qualifications, but no less important is the ability to work very flexible hours and have a strong sense of team pride.

As the leader of our tours, you're expected to be a powerful presenter and confident public speaker. Your delivery of information should be clear, inspire confidence, and engage our guests. You are compassionate, patient, and have an unwavering sense of humor. Your warmth and dynamic personality shines through as you create vivid pictures with your storytelling and abilities to relay information to our guests. In short, you love being with people and people love being with you!

As great as this job sounds, it is the most demanding position in the company. On any given tour you may have an elderly Dutch couple, a Russian family, a couple of New Yorkers, a few Kiwis, some recent US college graduates, and that one kid riding next to you who just doesn't ever stop asking questions. No problem! You enjoy relating with all of them individually and making them feel like part of a cohesive group. Plus, you'll have bike and Segway issues, occasional flat tires, accidents, traffic and other on the job challenges. Problem solving, thinking on your feet, and finding dynamic solutions on the fly is essential to being a successful tour guide. On top of all that, while we love sunny days, you're bound to do many tours in the howling wind and pouring rain. Regardless of what happens out there, you really shine when adversity comes knocking!

You should already have a good grasp on French and Parisian history. Despite your depth of knowledge, we really want to see your thirst to learn more and your desire to share your passion for all things French.